The Teacher's Dashboard for Ranger Vision (for   iOS devices   or   Android devices  ).

The Teacher's Dashboard for Ranger Vision (for iOS devices or Android devices).


1. Register your class. During registration, you’ll assign login nicknames for your students. (For privacy reasons, please do not use real names).  

2. You’ll also need mobile devices with the Ranger Vision app (for iOS devices or Android devices) installed to distribute to your students so they can record photos of wildlife.

Prepare the technology (Estimate: 25 minutes)

                Login page

                Login page

          Main landing page

          Main landing page

               Take a photo!           The closer the better

               Take a photo!
          The closer the better

  1. Download the Ranger Vision app onto mobile devices (for iOS devices or Android devices).
  2. Distribute logins and password (these were determined at sign-up.).

  3. Make sure the students have successfully logged in.


IMPORTANT: SAFETY CHECK. Be sure to read and discuss Ranger Vision's safety guidelines
IMPORTANT: GOOFY CHECK: Mobile devices are cool. Cameras are fun to play with. It's natural for students to want to experiment with them - to start taking selfies, a cheeky photo of someone's foot. No worries, depending on your setup, you'll likely need to approve any incoming sightings from the students anyway. 

Important things to know

  • Students use Ranger Vision to submit ‘sightings,’ which are photographic observations of a species. 
  • Students should only submit one species at a time.
  • Students should not submit sightings of domesticated animals, humans, or cultivated plants.
  • Students can submit up to 5 photos of a ‘specimen’ per sighting.
    What’s a specimen? A specimen is a living example of a single species.
  • Students can add ‘field notes’ describing the sighting.
    What are field notes? Field notes are observations about the specimen. For example, what was the specimen doing? What other living things did you see around? What is the weather like? And so forth.
  • Students use the “Laboratory” feature in Ranger Vision to categorise theirs and other’s sightings.

IMPORTANT: Newly submitted sightings will not appear in the app's "Laboratory" until you approve them in the "teachers dashboard."

Students can submit up to 5   photos of a ‘specimen’ per sighting.

Students can submit up to 5   photos of a ‘specimen’ per sighting.




Categorise your sightings (Estimate: 25 minutes)

So the students now have a collection of their sightings.

Once you approve the sightings in the Teacher's Dashboard, the students can classify the sightings of their classmates.